Through my interactions with friends and acquaintances, I have often asked them what tools or methods do they use to meet new people, specially when they move or travel to a new place.

So far, I have heard that they use a combination of several tools and methods. Some successful, others not so much. These tools and methods are also heavily dependent on the location too. Some may work for big cities and not small ones while others may work for different cultures. For example, I have heard people try to create a new social group through the use of dating applications and fail miserably in the process. Some have used meet-ups to connect with others but rarely did those interactions result in a meaningful friendship. Others have used their own social skills to create friendly connections but not everyone is pre-programmed with the required social skills for a certain culture. I have even heard some people use their work colleagues as an inlet into the local social circles but that can become very restrictive (your interests and personalities may not match).

So, the question I ask: how do YOU meet new people?

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