General Questions

What is Delfy?

Delfy is a social app for making friends based on similar interests. We connect like-minded people in the same area. All you have to do is put down your hobbies and the friend search starts! Learn more on our About page.

How is Delfy different from other friend making apps?

Each friend making app has its own unique approach. Our main difference is that we do not limit you in your options. We focus on your hobbies and finding you like-minded people to pursue them with. Other apps have restrictions in place. Examples include: being able to only look for friends of the same gender, available only to females, complicated matching algorithms (resulting in a lack of connections), and primarily focusing on other industries (dating or networking).

How does Delfy work?

On the Delfy app, we ask you to indicate your top two interests, a couple of pictures, and a short bio. The more info you put down, the better! Having a complete profile will simplify finding things in common with other people. Delfy shows you a list of potential friends in your area. You can sort through them by either proximity of location or matching interests. Once you send your first message, the friend request is made. Simple as that!

Is the app already available?

Currently the app is still unavailable. But we’re doing our best to have it ready as soon as possible! In the meantime, we suggest signing up and becoming a part of the Delfy community. We will notify you when the app launches in your area and you’ll get invited to some cool events that will be hosted pre-launch!

How can I get involved?

We love working with people passionate about the topics of friendship and loneliness. Drop us a message through the Contact Form!

How can I sign up?

You can sign up to become a member of the Delfy community by clicking the Sign Up button at the top right corner of the website or by following this link.

Is Delfy free?

Yes! Delfy is completely free for all users. Our main priority is to help you create new, meaningful human connections.

When are you launching in my city?

We are launching our iOS MVP in Toronto, Canada at the end of 2019. If you do not live in this area, drop us a message in the Contact Form and we’ll get back to you regarding the launch date!

How can I get notified about your launch?

We will notify all members of the Delfy community regarding the app launch. So all you have to do is Sign Up!

How do I find people with the same interests?

You simply put down your top two interests in your profile and the app will show you all the potential friends in your area with the same ones! Additionally, we will be hosting community events for specific interest groups going forward. You’re always welcome to come join an event for one of your interests!

Are you available on Android?

Unfortunately, we are not yet available on Android. Our MVP launch is for iOS. However, Android is targeted to follow only a few months after so stay tuned!

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